Battery Cable

Battery Cable

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Automotive Battery Cable

SGT Battery Cable Construction:

Conductor: Bare copper
Insulation: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Color & Print Options: Available in standard battery circuit colors of black and red with optional custom printing available.

Stranding Options: SGT Cable is available with higher stranding.

SGT Battery Cable Applications:

Type SGT Battery Cable may be used in starter or battery ground circuits in accordance with SAE J-1127.
Recommended temperature range is -40°C to +105°C.
Manufactured to meet Ford (M1L-56A) and Chrysler (MS-3450) specifications

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AWG Size



Insul. Thick. (in)

Nom. O.D. (in)

Approx LBS/MFT

SAE Spec

Ford Spec

Chrysler Spec

SGT-6637/.02600.0600.3050137.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3450SGT-4461/.02500.0650.3500168.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3451SGT-22133/.02180.0650.4400258.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3452SGT-11133/.02430.0650.4800322.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3453SGT-1/01/0133/.02750.0650.5250431.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3454SGT-2/02/0133/.03090.0650.5750497.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3455SGT-3/03/0361/.02100.0780.6610603.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3456SGT-4/04/0361/.02390.0780.7260779.00SAE J-1127M1L-56AMS-3457